Manjanitis #1

“Akak you want to know something?

I was reading some Schizophrenia notes in my laptop at the moment.

“Sure, why not” I turned myself facing her.

“I think I’ve completely known you a different person before. You’re just, too different now”

I replied nothing. I smiled and looked deep into her eyes.

“Why with that look? You’re scaring me akak”

I laughed, just to shadow the awkward moment.

“How different it is?” I’m not that anxious, of course I already have the answer.

“Hmm. I still remember when you were my naqibah in my early years in tarbiyah, you’re so nice and innocent. I can’t recall any moment of you being strict to us. Seriously I’m in shock to see you portraying it lately.”

My smile grows, indecipherably.


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